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Industry Solutions - Bulk Material Handling

Driving the Bulk Material Handling industry

Whether it's 10 industrial drives for a mining operation in Tennessee or a single heavy-duty industrial gearmotor for a belt conveyor in a trash incinerating plant in Virginia, leading bulk material producing companies choose SEW-EURODRIVE because we deliver high torque, shock resistant, reliable drive solutions engineered for even the harshest operating conditions.

From drives powering heavy-duty conveyors and lifts to feeding, sorting and industrial cleaning - SEW drive engineering specialists offer solutions & expertise for virtually any bulk material handling challenge. This expertise, developed over thousands of solutions and over 75 years serving mining and construction material manufacturers around the world, enables SEW to deliver innovative solutions that reduce costs and help our customers stay competitive.

And at SEW, we know how critical your drive's uptime is to your success. That's why we build our reliable products to high quality standards and offer modular drive components for quick replacement; fast and flexible drive assembly processes; support locations coast-to-coast and committed staff near you who will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running with the shortest down time possible.

Depend on the drive supplier that the world's best mining and construction material manufacturers trust. Depend on SEW-EURODRIVE.

Typical Applications Include: