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We drive the Mining Industry

SEW Eurodrive is familiar with the requirements of the Mining Industry. As systems suppliers and drive engineering specialists, SEW Eurodrive has taken upon itself the task of offering solutions for all the requirements arising from this industry. Based on this philosophy it is important to have a clear understanding of every single step in the mining process and be able to identify with the tasks facing the customer. As a result, SEW Eurodrive not only offers mechanical systems but also supplies drive electronics to match. From gravel mining to excavation of gold, platinum, coal and diamonds SEW Eurodrive puts the drive in all facets of the mining industry. read more

high-quality products with excellent performance.
system solutions based on our products.
only the best for your industry - drive engineering solutions from SEW-Eurodrive.
robust and able to withstand high torque loads - ideal for use outdoors.
power and flexibility in all manufacturing areas.
strong reliability for all mining sites.
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