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All you need to succeed

What is Drive Academy®

SEW-EURODRIVE runs a nationwide geared motor and drive technology training programme known as Drive Academy®. Based on the same in-depth technical training syllabus used to educate SEW-EURODRIVE’s own engineers, Drive Academy® provides end users and system integrators with a comprehensive set of skills required to get the most out of applications.

Who should attend?

Customers range from large organisations to smaller boutique companies. All courses are offered for a variety of end users, including drive engineers, service application engineers, operations managers and maintenance technicians. The training provides knowledge for anyone who wants to improve systems and minimise downtime.

What do the courses entail?

Drive Academy® offers a comprehensive selection of training courses. These courses have been developed to help our customers maximise the use of SEW-EURODRIVE products and services. Product-specific courses are also offered, providing insight into the implementation and operation of some of SEW-EURODRIVE’s most popular technologies; such as the MOVIDRIVE® B application inverter, MOVIGEAR®, MOVIFIT® and the MOVITRAC® frequency inverter families. All courses are run by technical site-experienced training staff. Small class sizes ensure participants receive a high level of personal attention. They are designed to equip you with specific knowledge of our motor and drive technologies so you are better able to leverage this functionality in your own work environment.

Where is Drive Academy®

Drive Academy® courses are held at SEW-EURODRIVE’s Johannesburg centre or onsite at your location. In addition, Drive Academy® offers custom built demo units which can be used in training centres and are useful for the simulation and testing of applications.