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XP Planetary Gear Units

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The industrial gear units XP series are compactly built planetary gear units for very high torque ratings up to 5 200 kNm. As a stand-alone gear unit it is positioned separately from the motor.

XP Planetary Gear Units
Planetary stand-alone gear units of the industrial gear units XP series for maximum torque ratings.

High-performance planetary gear units with free drive shaft

The industrial gear units XP series are extremely space-saving planetary gear units for very high torque ratings up to 5 200 kNm. They enable specific drive solutions for applications in the high-performance area. An additional advantage: They are able to very flexibly customize the amount of stages and the individual gear ratios to your application.Depending on the application, it is important for users and outfitters of systems to position gear units and motors separately from each other. We have designed our XP series as a stand-alone gear unit with a free input shaft for such purposes.Do you need a primary gear unit? No problem. Select a gearmotor from our comprehensive modular concept. We will attach it directly to the planetary gear unit for you. Or you can combine the XP gear unit with an industrial gear unit from the X series.You need even more power? No problem. We offer you project-specific industrial gear units from the XP series whose performance surpasses the stated torque range of 5 200 kNm.

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Technical data
Gear unit type
Gear ratio i
Norminal torque MN2 kNm
Planetary gear units XP..:
2 and 3 stages
50 to 3,000
600 to 5.200
1) In combination with primary gear units from our SEW-EURODRIVE modular concept for standard gear units.

We can offer you customized product solutions on request.

Areas of application

The powerful and space-saving industrial planetary gear units of the XP series can be applied everywhere maximum torque ratings are required for the movement of very large quantities.

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