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Safe Fieldbus

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Centralized ­installation using PROFIsafe
The safe stop function can be activated using PROFIsafe for MOVIDRIVE® B inverters in accordance with EN 954-1.

The figure shows the implementation of a PROFIsafe installation with MOVIDRIVE® B inverter with integrated switch-off and standard motors or gearmotors.
Safe Fieldbus
Decentralized installation using PROFIsafe
MOVIMOT® gearmotors with integrated frequency inverter can also be controlled using PROFIsafe in connection with field distributors of types MQS../Z.8F or MQS../Z.6F.

This is the function of the safe stop. In addition, the safety-oriented MQS.. field ­distributor offers two additional safety-oriented inputs for the connection of emergency stop relays.

The illustration shows the implementation of an integrated decentralized installation to the control using PROFIsafe, for use in safety applications in accordance with EN 954-1, category 3.
Safe Fieldbus
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