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MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system

Components TPS / TAS / TCS / THM / TVS / TCS / TLS / TIS
MOVITRANS®, the contactless energy transfer system from SEW-EURODRIVE, works on the principle of inductive energy transfer. In this system, electrical energy is transferred without contact from a fixed conductor to one or more mobile consumers. The electromagnetic connection is made via an air gap and is not subject to wear; it is therefore maintenance-free.
Another big advantage: This type of power supply is emission-free and resistant to contamination from external sources. MOVITRANS® is the perfect supply system for all mobile applications and has been tested according to BGV B11.
MOVITRANS® is perfect when your equipment has to cover long distances at high speeds and maintenance-free operation is required. It is also suited for applications in sensitive environments where outside contaminants are not permitted and in wet and damp environments.

Your advantages

Operating principle
The following diagram shows the principle of contactless energy transfer.

The MOVITRANS® system is divided into stationary and mobile components:
Stationary components
Technical data
TPS stationary converter
Energy supply with an integrated fan, installation in control cabinet
  • Power: 4.0 kW or 16.0 kW
  • VMains 380 V to 500 V ± 10%
  • Enclosure: IP20
TAS transformer module
Installation in control cabinet, mid-frequency conductor connection and track compensation
  • Power: 4.0 kW or 16.0 kW
  • IA: 60 A or 85 A
  • Enclosure: IP10
TCS compensation capacitor
Installation in TAS for fine compensation of the track inductance
  • Capacitance values: 2 µF, 4 µF, 8 µF, 16 µF or 32 µF
  • Output current: 60 A or 85 A
  • Enclosure: IP00
Mobile components
Technical data
TPM12B mobile converter
Connection of flat and U-shaped pick-ups
  • Rated output power with connection of 4 x THM10C: max. 3.6 kW When 2 x THM10E are connected max. 3.0 kW
  • Output voltage: 500 VDC
  • Additional output voltage: 24 V, max. 2 A
  • Enclosure: IP65
THM10E pick-up
Flat design for connecting to TPM12B using a plug-in connection
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Enclosure: IP65
THM10C pick-up
U-shaped design for connecting to TPM12B using a plug-in connector
  • Rated power: 0.8 kW
  • Peak power: 0.9 kW
  • Enclosure: IP65
Connection cable
for TPM12B output
Hybrid cable
  • Input side with plug connector
  • Output side open with conductor end sleeves
Installation equipment (track mounting)
Technical data
TVS connection distributor
for connecting a mid-frequency conductor using terminals
  • Enclosure: IP65
  • Output current: 60 A or 85 A
TCS compensation box
Compensation of track inductance, installation directly on the travel section
  • Enclosure: IP65
  • Output current: 60 A or 85 A
  • Compensation: Track length 25 to 30 m
TLS mid-frequency cable
  • Double cable jacket
  • Output current: 60 A or 85 A
  • Cable cross-section: 8 mm to 42 mm
TIS installation components
Line cable routing
  • Universal retaining plate for holding fixture
  • Holding fixture for profile strip
  • Flexible or rigid profile strip

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