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MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter

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Versatile, diverse and comprehensive: MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter

SEW-EURODRIVE offers innovative, future-oriented solutions in the field of highly dynamic servo drive solutions with its new MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo drives.

These units handle dynamic and accurate application and automation tasks with optimized expenditure of time, costs and resources. Depending on the machine and system concept required, MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverters can be combined flexibly and adapted to meet automation requirements.

Overview of benefits:

MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter

Master modules
Master modules are the “brain” of each axis system. In master modules, axis functions are centralized and made easily accessible. This considerably reduces the time spent on operating and startup work. You can even fully dispense with connecting configuration interfaces etc. to the individual axes.
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
MOVIAXIS® master module with highspeed fieldbus gateway (in preparation)
  • Elimination of individual fieldbus cards due to centralized communication access to the axes.
  • Automatic data reload for exchange axes and automatic restart due to central data storage for all axes.
  • Office and network communication “on board”: Parameter setting and network connection via USB, UDP and TCP / IP.
MOVIAXIS® master module with MOVI-PLC® basic motion control
  • The complete axis system is controlled and made flexible by means of 16-bit motion control (IEC 61131) with PROFIBUS slave.
  • Simple and fast implementation of motion control applications due to predefined library structure.
MOVIAXIS® master module with MOVI-PLC® advanced motion controller (in preparation)
  • All highspeed gateway functions.
  • Universal 32-bit motion control with universal fieldbus and network access.
  • Adjusted communication performance based on EtherCAT or CAN system bus communication.

Axis modules
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
Rated currents
4 kHz operation
8 kHz operation
16 kHz operation
Size 1
2, 4, 8 A axes
1.5, 3, 5 A axes
Size 2
12, 16 A axes
8, 11 A axes
Size 3
32, 42 A axes
24, 32 A axes
13, 18 A axes
Size 4
64 A axis
48 A axis
Size 5
85 A axis
64 A axis
Size 6
133 A axis
100 A axis
Axis modules communicate either directly with a controller via highspeed fieldbus gateways using the integrated system buses and fieldbus option cards or are controlled centrally via a master module. The modules have the following features:
  • Maximum rated power overload of 250% for maximum 1 s (max. 250 A); the overload time increases for lower overloads
  • Option to switch between a maximum of 3 motors with individual parameter sets
  • Integrated technology functions such as electronic cam, synchronous operation, touch probe, virtual encoders, electronic drive, event control, M/i characteristic curve compensation etc.
  • Can be controlled with user units
  • Central data backup / Parameter module
  • Integrated DC 24 V brake control
  • USB & ETHERNET TCP/IP via master module as parameter interfaces
  • Optional: Safe stop, cat. 3 or 4 / performance level “d” or “e”
  • Optional: High-speed system bus on EtherCAT basis

Supply modules
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
10 kW, 25 kW, 50 kW and 75 kW1
The supply modules provide the connected axes with power. They have a high overload capacity and regulate the regenerated power according to the unit version.
  • Very compact design
  • Maximum overload of up to 250% of the rated power for maximum 1 s
  • High effective current percentage, minimized charging currents and mains-friendly harmonic behavior
  • Versions with:
    • DC link buffer and braking resistor for very dynamic applications
    • Integrated brake chopper
    • Optional DC link buffer and brake chopper
    • Regenerative power supply unit
    • All connected CAN axis modules addressed automatically
    • Intelligent diagnostics (only for sinusoidal regeneration)
1) In preparation

Optional components
Switch-mode power supply module
As required, the DC 24 V SMPS provides MOVIAXIS® with power from the DC link with up to 600 W on a maximum of 3 channels. An external DC 24 V backup voltage can also be supplied.
DC link discharge module
This system component was developed to prevent very sensitive machine and plant components or tools/devices from colliding. In case of unintentional, complete power failure, the component discharges the DC link of MOVIAXIS®.
Capacitor module / Buffer module
This energy buffer can be combined as an option with the power supply modules to implement highly energy-efficient applications with fast cycle times and/or provide return movements for critical machine parts.
Axis option cards
The following option cards can be added to extend the functionality of the MOVIAXIS® axis modules:
  • ProfiNet1
  • Ethernet IP
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT
  • Analog and digital I/O cards
  • Multi-encoder cards
The multi-encoder card enables various encoder systems to be connected to keep the number of connections to a minimum. The range of products covered includes remote HIPERFACE® laser encoders, SSI and sinusoidal encoders through to high-resolution EnDat systems.

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