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SEW-EURODRIVE delivers ATEX-compliant products

ATEX-compliant explosion protection
Field of application
Directive 94/9/EC or ATEX specifies new regulations for explosion protection for all types of devices for the European market.

This directive applies to gearmotors and motors. As of July 1, 2003, directive 94/9/EC applies without restriction to the use of gearmotors and motors within the European Union. Other European countries, such as Switzerland, have also adopted this regulation.

SEW-EURODRIVE now supplies explosion-proof gearmotors and motors only in accordance with the corresponding ATEX directive. This also applies to options and accessories in the explosion-proof version.

Depending on their features and dimensions, explosion-proof gearmotors and motors are suitable for:

SEW-EURODRIVE offers gearmotors and motors of categories

For use in zones 1, 21, 2 and 22

Explosion-proof motors / Gearmotors
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Gear Units / Gearmotors
Explosion-proof drives
Operating systems and machines in areas with potentially explosive air / gas or air / dust mixtures requires special measures. If mixture formation cannot be prevented, specially protected drives must be used. Applicable standards and regulations govern the use of equipment within existing hazard zones. They also prescribe the quality prerequisites that must be met by drive manufacturers.

Technical data
Category / zone
Power range [kW]
R..D../II3 Helical gearmotors
F..D../II3 Parallel shaft helical gearmotors
K..D../II3 Helical-bevel gearmotors
0.12 to 75
S..D../II3 Helical-worm gearmotors
0.12 to 22
SPIROPLAN® gearmotors W..D../II3
0.12 to 0.75
R..D../II2D Helical gearmotors
F..D../II2D Parallel shaft helical gearmotors
K..D../II2D Helical-bevel gearmotors
0.37 to 22
S..D../II2D Helical-worm gearmotors
0.37 to 22
SPIROPLAN® gearmotors W..D../II2D
0.37 to 0.75
R..D../II2G Helical gearmotors
F..D../II2G Parallel shaft helical gearmotors
K..DG/II2D Helical-bevel gearmotors
0.15 to 16
S..D../II2G Helical-worm gearmotors
0.15 to 16 (0.20 to 21)
SPIROPLAN® gearmotors W..D../II2G
0.15 to 0.75
R..D../II2G_T4 Helical gearmotors
F..D../II2G_T4 Parallel shaft helical gearmotors
K..D../II2G_T4 Helical-bevel gearmotors
0.15 to 1.5
S..D../II2G_T4 Helical-worm gearmotors
0.15 to 1.5
SPIROPLAN® gearmotors W..D../II2G_T4
0.15 to 0.55

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