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Fieldbus Interface / Field Distributor MOVIMOT

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Field distributors streamline drive connection with the power supply system, DC 24 V control voltage and fieldbus. They are based on bus interface technology with additional connection technology for network distribution. The field distributor is installed close to the motor, which facilitates decentralized installation. Field distributors Z.1, Z.3 and Z.7 are available as an option in an IP66 enclosure (protected against powerful water jets even if water contains acidic or caustic additives). These field distributors are the perfect match for MOVIMOT® and MOVI-SWITCH® for fast, economical and flexible decentralization of your system.

Components for decentralized drive engineering with IP66 or IP67 enclosures
SEW-EURODRIVE components for decentralized drive engineering are available with the IP66 enclosure as an option. Some are also available with the IP67 enclosure. A range of additional optional measures and the use of special materials allow components to be used in extreme ambient conditions, such as with acidic or caustic cleaning additives. Option package for field distributors and fieldbus interfaces:

Option package for MOVIMOT® and MOVI-SWITCH®:

Fieldbus interfaces
Fieldbus Interface / Field Distributor MOVIMOT
Type MF
Optional MF.. fieldbus interfaces allow MOVIMOT® and MOVI-SWITCH® drives to ­connect to a standardized fieldbus system. These fieldbus interfaces not only allow for controlling MOVIMOT® and MOVI-SWITCH® drives, but also for reading sensor signals as well as controlling actuators via the digital input and output terminals. All fieldbus ­interfaces and field distributors come with the IP65 enclosure as standard. The fieldbus interfaces may be mounted, as required, directly on the drive, offset in the field, or in the field distributor. The following fieldbus interfaces are available:

Type MQ
The optional fieldbus interfaces of the MQ.. type are based on the same housing and fieldbus technology as type MF… fieldbus interfaces, but are additionally equipped with an integrated controller featuring the following functions:

Options for MF../MQ.. fieldbus ­interfaces

Options for MF../MQ.. fieldbus interfaces
MFG11A keypad
Fieldbus Interface / Field Distributor MOVIMOT
The MFG11A keypad is plugged onto any MFZ.. connection module instead of a fieldbus interface for manual control of a MOVIMOT® drive.
DBG60B keypad
Fieldbus Interface / Field Distributor MOVIMOT
The DBG60B keypad can be used to control MOVIMOT® drives via a fieldbus interface in manual mode. The process data words can also be displayed in monitor mode.
The DBG60B keypad is connected directly to the diagnostic interface of the MF..MQ.. fieldbus interface.
Hybrid cables for decentralized installation
Our hybrid cables were developed in-house and are combination cables that carry the power supply, control voltage and communication strands in one cable sheath. They also ensure optimum EMC shielding and impedance. The hybrid cable for connecting MOVIMOT® to field distributors combines the communication interface and supply and control voltage connections in one cable and is supplied as a pre-fabricated cable with a plug connection. MOVIMOT® drives with attached hybrid cables are easy to connect to field distributors and ready for use. They are ideal for all systems with high demands on availability.

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