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Robust and reliable equipment for the harsh cement environment

12 July, 2016: Cement plants depend on drive technology that is sufficiently robust to provide reliable operation in demanding applications and challenging environments. SEW-EURODRIVE upgrades and supplies reliable gear units and drives for this industry.


SEW-EURODRIVE business development manager for heavy industrial solutions, Steffen Reiblein, notes that cement plant operators can benefit from an innovative partnership with such a global drive technology manufacturer, as it is not only offers drive solutions, but also ongoing service and support.


"Having the backing of our company's global presence enables us to provide support, regardless of where any new plant is constructed. We can also accommodate international cement groups," Reiblein highlights.


SEW-EURODRIVE is a global player, with a product range and application knowledge allowing it to provide innovative engineering solutions from Greenfield projects to retrofits on existing plants. Its drive technology has been used on such notable projects as the construction of a new ± 6 000 tpd cement plant in Limpopo Province.


"SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa carried out the cold commissioning at the Limpopo plant to guarantee that all the drive technology was installed correctly and ready to run," Reiblein continues.


SEW-EURODRIVE has partnered with many prestigious names in the cement industry to design and install upgraded long-distance limestone reclaimers at various plants in order to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance and improve performance and operation.


For example, it reduced production loses at a reclaimer where the DC drive broke down frequently. The subsequent upgrade allowed for smoother operation and increased efficiency, as well as significantly less inventory requirements and reduced maintenance.


In New South Wales, Australia, SEW-EURODRIVE's engineers were able to increase the productivity of a limestone crusher at Boral Cement plant by up to 25 per cent with the addition of a custom-designed wobble feeder. Prior to the introduction of the feeder, Boral Cement's engineering manager Dean Beltrame indicated that the crushing capacity of the machine was constrained by the lack of any pre-screening.


"With the help of SEW-EURODRIVE's engineers, we designed a wobble feeder that pre-screens the material prior to the jaw crusher. By eliminating the fine materials from entering the jaw crusher station, we only crush the large rocks that need crushing. That has given us a 20-25 per cent average increase in production capacity on our 1928 vintage crusher," Beltrame explains.


SEW-EURODRIVE offers a quick turnaround time with its gear rebuilds, which reduces downtime significantly. Its equipment not only lasts longer, but has been found to be extremely reliable. It also provides reliable technical support.


The table below stipulates inspection and maintenance intervals, and serves as a useful guideline for the appropriate measures to be taken:


Time interval Action
Every 3 000 hours of operation - at least every six months

Check oil and oil level

Check running noise for bearing damage

Inspect seals for leakage

Check and replace rubber buffers, if necessary, on units with torque arm

Every three years (At the latest, depending on operating conditions)

Change mineral oil

Replace rolling bearing grease

Replace oil seal (do not install it in the same track)

Every five years (At the latest, depending on operating conditions)

Change synthetic oil

Replace rolling bearing grease

Replace oil seal (do not install it in the same track)

Varying (Dependent on external factors) Touch up or renew the surface's anti-corrosion coating as and when required

For a more in-depth and comprehensive explanation of any of the abovementioned subjects, follow the link to download the SEW-EURODRIVE assembly and operating instructions.




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