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Effective maintenance is key to productivity

10 May 2016: Gearboxes and motors are costly items of equipment, however, if proper care and maintenance is provided, the units will ensure years of productivity and long-term return-on-investment. SEW-EURODRIVE provides some useful tips and advice on how to get the most out of a gearbox or motor.


The benefits of regular gearbox and motor care and maintenance include; extended product lifespan, efficient and cost-effective service, reduced downtime and safer working environments.


According to SEW-EURODRIVE works manager Peter McEvoy, effective care and maintenance means using the correct unit for the correct application, and servicing it according to specified standards and OEM operating instructions.


"SEW-EURODRIVE operating instructions come with every unit, and can also be downloaded from the internet, and provide the end-user with comprehensive information on operation and maintenance," he explains.


Genuine parts and spares are also essential. McEvoy adds: "This provides the user with the peace-of-mind that all parts conform to SEW-EURODRIVE'S international standards, thereby ensuring a maximised lifespan."


McEvoy indicates that SEW-EURODRIVE boasts an extensive stockholding to ensure minimal turnaround times. "In the event that the part is not available, we are committed to sourcing or importing it," he continues.


What's more, a correctly-specified, high-quality lubricant is vital to the performance of a geared unit. A damaged or contaminated lubricant will severely impact on the performance, lifespan and maintenance costs.


"As part of its value-added service offering, SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa provides clients with a qualified field service team to do the required lubricant change on site and assist in any other ways possible," McEvoy concludes.


The table below stipulates inspection and maintenance intervals, and serves as a useful guideline for the appropriate measures to be taken:


Time interval Action
Every 3 000 hours of operation - at least every six months

Check oil and oil level

Check running noise for bearing damage

Inspect seals for leakage

Check and replace rubber buffers, if necessary, on units with torque arm

Every three years (At the latest, depending on operating conditions)

Change mineral oil

Replace rolling bearing grease

Replace oil seal (do not install it in the same track)

Every five years (At the latest, depending on operating conditions)

Change synthetic oil

Replace rolling bearing grease

Replace oil seal (do not install it in the same track)

Varying (Dependent on external factors) Touch up or renew the surface's anti-corrosion coating as and when required

For a more in-depth and comprehensive explanation on any of the abovementioned subjects, follow the link to download the SEW-EURODRIVE assembly and operating instructions.




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