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Driving a sweet deal in the sugar industry

30 March 2016: Advanced drive solutions dramatically improve productivity and energy consumption efficiencies in the sugar industry, and SEW-EURODRIVE tailors its motor and gearing offerings to best suit sugar producers.


SEW-EURODRIVE branch manager Jonathan McKey notes that the company is focused on producing energy efficient drives that maximise the load and capacity of mills and refiners in South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.


"While we predominantly supply geared motors and industrial gear solutions to multiple sugar mills across Southern Africa to increase capacity and sugar extraction, we also provide unique drive engineering solutions, as factories require varying options for sugar production," he explains.


The company's range of geared motors are used in numerous applications, such as; horizontal crystallisers, filters, clarifiers, conveyors, batch pans and mixers, as well as in the packaging department. This has enabled SEW-EURODRIVE to optimise assembly and delivery times and after-sales service.


"Sugar producers generally require a reliable solution with a short lead time. Our extensive geographic footprint and comprehensive product offering ensures that we are able to assemble the highest-quality, custom-designed solution, in the shortest possible turnaround time," states McKey.


What's more, SEW-EURODRIVE also provides full field service and support to ensure optimal performance of its geared motor components. "We have service teams that support clients onsite and at all our branches nationwide. This value-added, all-in-one solutions offering has played an instrumental role in our ongoing growth in the sugar industry," McKey concludes.




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