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The DAS ASEPTIC drive package from SEW-EURODRIVE - the ideal solution for all drive needs. Where intensive cleaning and disinfecting is required.


Convection cooling motors are more hygienic than standard motors


Maintaining a hygienic environment is important for sensitive production areas in the pharmaceutical industry. The DAS ASEPTIC drive package from SEW-EURODRIVE is the ideal solution for all drive needs in these applications, where intensive cleaning and disinfecting is required. Standard motors are difficult to clean to these high hygiene standards, as they often feature cooling fans and fins which are not conducive to these working conditions, as the dirt and bacteria collect on the surface of the motor, and are dispersed into the air by the fans.


SEW-EURODRIVE marketing and communications manager Rene Rose explains that the pure convection cooling on the DAS ASEPTIC motor eliminates the need for a fan. “The DAS ASEPTIC motors have been designed to prevent dirt from adhering to the drive surface.”She adds that the smooth surface ensures that the drive motors are easy to clean, thereby preventing the build-up of dirt, germs and bacteria. “It also features anti-adhesive properties which, together with the smooth surface, prevent the build-up of dirt.”Another major feature that sets the DAS ASEPTIC motor apart from standard drive motors is the fact that it is able to withstand the aggressive cleaning agents required in the industry.

Rose indicates that the DAS ASEPTIC drive packages are coated with a special protection layer which can withstand the intensive cleaning of the motors in pharmaceutical applications.“These drives are coated with a special paint in OS1 to OS4 specifications which offer maximum protection against various chemicals that are used in the cleaning process. This surface treatment is highly durable and is resistant to mechanical impact. It meets IP69K specifications, which means that it is able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning up to temperatures of 80 oC,” she states. 


The special coating ensures reliability, as alkaline, acidic or disinfectant cleaning agents do not affect it. The DAS ASEPTIC motors are enclosed in a protective cover, which protects and excludes the unit components from damage during the cleaning process. However, if an electronic part needs to be replaced or removed, it can quickly and easily be unscrewed from the drive.Rose points out that the DAS ASEPTIC drive packages also offer excellent protection against humidity.

“To ensure that the motors last in a humid environment and can sustain the harsh cleaning chemicals, the inside of the ASEPTIC motors are treated with an anti-corrosion paint.”  According to Rose, all DAS ASEPTIC drive packages also feature an integrated IS connector with a protection rating of IP66. “This means that the unit is fully sealed against dust exposure and is able to withstand powerful jets of water, which are often used during the cleaning process.”The DAS ASEPTIC motor is available in three sizes, namely; the DAS80, DAS90 and DAS100. The motors have a power range from 0,25 kW to 1,5 kW and offer pure convection cooling. Rose notes that the range of DAS ASEPTIC drive packages can be fitted to any SEW-EURODRIVE geared motors.


“SEW-EURODRIVE can design and equip a drive package to suit a specific operation. The DAS ASEPTIC motor range meets all hygienic requirements and is ideal for use in environments where resistance to aggressive disinfectants and cleansing agents is required,” she concludes.


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