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Theuns Greyvenstein – The Butterfly Effect and Engaging with Engineering Talent

PneuDrive Challenge Winning Team Member – Theuns Greyvenstein

In a thought provoking film from the early 2000’s, The Butterfly Effect, an interesting idea was born which essentially boils down to trying to influence connecting patterns – that by generating or in 2009, the theme of the competition was “Pick and Place” systems. The winning entry from the Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Department of Stellenbosch University submitted a design for a gantry robot that could assist with the transportation of large sheets of glass in factories. It proposed that a multipurpose industrial robot could be developed to assist with the typical problems of transporting glass, and could fill the gap between manually operated gantry cranes and articulated industrial robots.  Greyvenstein explains that being a part of the winning team was not only crucial to his personal development as an engineer, but also an eye-opener to the realities of designing engineering solutions for business. “While studying, we get taught theoretical possibilities, but in reality, we actually don’t have an idea of what needs to happen in order to solve a real business problem. In four years of learning we were only exposed to two months of practical training”.